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Using the Himalayan Database with Wine

Wine is an open-sourced software system that allows you to run many popular Windows programs on an Intel-based Macintosh (using OS X 10.6 or higher) without installing the Windows operating system. The Himalayan Database is compatible with Wine and is implemented through the WineBottler application.

WineBottler is available from the web site You can use WineBottler to package your own Windows applications for use on the Mac. For the Himalayan Database, we have already packaged it for you with WineBottler and it is ready for immediate use.

Appendix L to the Himalayan Database Program Guide describes the installation and use of the Himalayan Database with Wine.

Himalayan Database with Wine Downloads

  • Himalayan Database Wine [133.3mb] (contains Himal 2.0 and HIMDATA with data through Spring 2017)
  • PDFwriter_for_Mac [246kb Zip]

    Himalayan Database with Wine Documentation

  • Appendix L - Using the Himalayan Database with Wine (October 2017) [12.5mb Pdf]