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Several books have been published relating to the Himalayan Database and Elizabeth Hawley.

Research Papers

Several scientific articles and research papers have been published using data from the Himalayan Database. Some of these are listed below and are directly available from this web site or via links to the publishers' web sites. ($$$) indicates a publisher access charge for the paper.

Other Papers

Elizabeth Hawley Seasonal Stories

The PDF file below contains the seasonal summaries written by Elizabeth Hawley from 1985 to 2014 about the major events of each climbing season that were distributed to journals, magazines and newspapers.

Tibetan Mountaineering Biographies

The PDF file below contains biographies for many of the Tibetan climbers that are from earlier Chinese expeditions, the Tibetan 14x8000 teams led by Samdrup, the Olympic Torch expedition, and the Tibet Mountaineering School in Lhasa.

This is a work in progress. We hope that expedition leaders to Everest and Cho Oyu can supplement this with updated information and photos for the Tibetan assistants that are employed by their teams. Items marked in red are in particular need of further review.