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Version 2 of the Himalayan Database is now available to the general public at no charge via download from this site. Owners of the original CD-rom version will need to download and upgrade to the new version in order to gain access to future updates and changes.

A subset of the downloadable version of the Himalayan Database is now available online that provides the most commonly used features of the database (see the link in the left-hand column).

The Himalayan Database is a compilation of records for all expeditions that have climbed in the Nepal Himalaya. The database is based on the expedition archives of Elizabeth Hawley, a longtime journalist based in Kathmandu, and it is supplemented by information gathered from books, alpine journals and correspondence with Himalayan climbers.

The data cover all expeditions from 1905 through Autumn-Winter 2023 to the most significant mountaineering peaks in Nepal. Also included are expeditions to both sides of border peaks such as Everest, Cho Oyu, Makalu and Kangchenjunga as well as to some smaller border peaks. Data on expeditions to trekking peaks are included for early attempts, first ascents and major accidents.

Each expedition record contains detailed information including dates, routes, camps, use of supplemental oxygen, successes, deaths and accidents.

Each expedition record contains biographical information for all members listed on the permit as well as for hired members (e.g., Sherpas) for which there are significant events such as a summit success, death, accident or rescue.

Each expedition record also contains literature references to major journals, magazines, books and published expedition reports.

The database is searchable by peak, climber, expedition, nationality, season, mortality rates and causes, and more. There are selected preset reports plus the capability for custom searches and analyses.

The amount of data that has been collected is truly comprehensive. The data record summary is as follows:

• Peaks records: 479
• Expedition records: 11,300+
• Member records: 87,100+
• Literature records: 15,700+

The records in the Himalayan Database are of considerable significance to climbers planning expeditions, to journalists and mountaineering historians needing ready access to historical records, and to researchers elucidating patterns of accidents, fatalities and supplemental oxygen use.

The database is published by The Himalayan Database, a non-profit organization, and is available for download from this website.

Updates are published bi-annually and will be available from this website.

The 2nd edition of The Himalaya by the Numbers, 1950-2019 is now available for download.

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Database created by Richard Salisbury