Spring 2005 Update to the Himalayan Database


The Spring 2005 update to the Himalayan Database adds new records for expeditions in the Spring 2005 season and provides corrections and additions to records for the previous seasons from 1900-2004.


Note that the 2004 Update to the Himalayan Database should be applied to the original database before this update is applied.


This update package includes:


         Spring 2005 update files for Himalayan Database


The complete instructions for updating the Himalayan Database are given in Appendix E of the Himalayan Database Program Guide. A brief summary is given below.


Updating the Himalayan Database


First download the compressed Spring 2005 Update files from the web site onto your hard drive and decompress by double-clicking on the update package.


For Windows users, the update package is in the file Himal Spring 2005 Updates.zip.


For Macintosh users, the update package is in the file Himal Spring 2005 Upd.sea.hqx.


The result of the decompression is a folder with the name "Himal Spring 2005 Updates" containing 14 update files:

















The files of the form "exp..." and "mem..." contain the changes to be applied to the EXPED and MEMBERS tables. The files of the form "refer..." and "peaks..." are replacement files for the current files in the Himdata folder that are automatically loaded during the update process.


Make sure that you have your original Himalayan Database CD available (and inserted into your computer) before starting the update process as you will be required to reauthenticate the database when you restart the program after completing the update.


Start the Himal program and use the Update command in the File menu to apply the updates to the Himalayan Database. Confirm that you wish to proceed with the update and then navigate to the Himal Spring 2005 Updates folder and select the first file named "expchgs.dbf" and click the OK button in the Open dialog box. All remaining update files are loaded automatically during the update process. Confirmation messages are given that each of the four tables (expeditions, members, literature references, and peaks) have been updated.


After finishing the updating process, quit and then restart the Himal program to complete the reauthentication.


The Himalayan Database may be updated using either the original version of the Himal program or version 1.1.1 of the Himal program which is posted on this web site.